• Recommendations & Next Steps on your Age-Friendly Journey:

    1. Continue the work of becoming an Age-Friendly Health System: Even after the Action Community comes to a close, continue to share your monthly count of older adults reached with the 4Ms to IHI via the 4Ms description survey to reach Level 2 Recognition: An Age-Friendly Health System Committed to Care Excellence recognition!
    2. MHA Keystone Support: The Keystone Center is here to support you and your teams in your Age-Friendly Journey. Should you encounter barriers, challenges, need additional guidance around a specific 4Ms element or working to re-engage in the work - contact us at The MHA Age-Friendly Community Site will continue to be active and updated with resources and tools. We encourage you to also utilize the “discussion post” to seek guidance, share barriers and collaborate with fellow cohort 1 participants.  Contact us at to add new team members to the community to ensure they gain access to all resources.
    3. Join the IHI Age-Friendly Alumni Listserv: Stay connected to the Age-Friendly Health Systems movement by signing up to receive communications from IHI about updates, resources, and opportunities to engage. Sign-up today For questions, email