• Important Age-Friendly Update: Pausing the Action Community in Response to COVID-19 Surge

    We recognize that Michigan is experiencing another COVID-19 surge impacting hospitals and healthcare teams statewide.

    Out of respect for our members, the MHA Keystone Center has paused all webinar and call activities for the Age-Friendly Action Community. This includes postponing the April 21 What Matters webinar and the May 18 & 19 Accelerating the Adoption of the 4Ms Workshop

    We are not disbanding the Action Community. Rather, we encourage you to focus on your organization’s response to the pandemic without needing to drop out of the Action Community.

    Organizations that can continue testing the 4Ms during this time are encouraged to do so. 

    How Long Will the Pause Last?

    The MHA Keystone Center will continue to monitor the current state of the pandemic to determine when it is appropriate to resume live Action Community activities. This pause will last minimally through the end of May, with the potential to resume activities in June.

    We will continue communicating with you as new developments arise to the Age-Friendly Action Community timeline.

    Next Steps

    • Please pass this notification to your team if they are not copied on this email.
    • Teams that can continue testing the 4Ms Framework during this time are encouraged to continue. These activities include:


    1. Completing the Getting Started Activities.
    2. Action & Learning Period 1 Assignments
            1. Review the on-demand webinar outlining Learning Period 1 tasks.
            2. Submit your 4Ms Care Description.
            3. Utilize the Guide to Using the 4Ms in the Care of Older Adults, which provides additional examples and steps to further this work.
    • The MHA Keystone Center is here to support you. If you want to schedule a call to discuss advancing your progress and engagement, please contact
    • Teams that cannot continue testing the 4Ms may use this time to focus efforts on the current environment of the pandemic. Once you are ready to engage in the Action Community, you may resume testing the 4Ms at any time.
    • We will continue to send biweekly updates through the Age-Friendly Community site focusing on COVID-19 resources.


    We recognize that every team is at a different point in their Action Community journey, and we are here to support you.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.